Highland Ranch        Now Offered For Sale

Elk and Deer Hunting at its Finest

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How it all began:

After too many trips out west eating cold sandwiches in a wet tent and wishing for a place with fewer hunters and more game, I figured there must be a better way.  Highland Ranch is the result of that dream.  It took 3 years to install the five-plus miles of 10'-tall, high-tensile game-fence surrounding the perimeter of this wooded paradise.  The elk and deer have a tremendous amount of acreage with forested habitat to elude and evade, while offering any hunter a most challenging hunt.  Elk and deer with vastly superior genetics roam free on this secluded ranch.


Located in Northcentral Pennsylvania


Visible from satellites orbiting the earth!  This is the ranch border.

Unique Opportunity:     Less than a 4 hour drive from New York City

After generations under private ownership, now offered for sale.

UNIQUELY LOCATED:  Positioned in the mountains of Pennsylvania but with relatively flat terrain, a wilderness but within only half a days drive from most cities in the northeast and an hours drive to two different airports, this pristine property offers you the best real elk hunting east of Denver. After many generations in the same family, it is now offered for sale.  Complete with a 7 bedroom lodge and fresh clean water from streams that originate right on this property, spring-fed.


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A large black bear passes through.   Pennsylvania is known to have the largest of all black bears.


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The Elk

Superior Genetics

The elk in this herd are many generations born here, in the wild, with little human contact.  They are very wary with the exception of two, older hand-fed cows.  Original herd sires and cows are from ai (artificial insemination) program from the largest known bulls on the planet.  All original herd sires were well in excess of 400" (antlers) and only those known to pass on their antler genetics were used.  The bull in this photo is only 4 years old.  Their antlers get bigger every year until about 8 years old.

white calf.jpg

White Elk

6 years ago we brought in a very rare white cow elk.  This elk is white but not an albino as you can see from the brown nose and brown eyes on her calf in this photo.  White elk are very rare and this photo is of the second white calf she has had.  There are now 6 white elk on our ranch.

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The Deer

200" upgrade to our herd

Many years ago we brought in genetics from bucks that scored over 200" in antlers.  That combined with the great genetics from the original herd has provided the basis for our herd of whitetail deer.  In the winter the deer and elk both feed on baleage comprised of alfalfa, clover and other broadleaf hay.



Private Paradise or Turn-Key Business

This opportunity is limited only by your vision.  It can be a private world-class big game paradise or a turn-key hunting business that comes with an experienced Ranch Manager.  There is a potential for off-season photo-safaris, a retreat or even a trail-riding setup complete with miles of road system already constructed.  No matter what your vision is, the opportunity to own a private ranch as unique as this is rare indeed.



  • Just under 600 acres.

  • Perimeter Fence, approximately 5 miles, 10’ high, high-tensile, woven-wire.

  • Elk Herd

  • Deer Herd

  • Pond stocked with Largemouth Bass

  • Multiple streams originate on this property providing year-around water for the herd(s)

  • 7 bedroom lodge on property, with new addition almost completed.

  • Knotty pine paneling

  • Vaulted ceilings

  • Oversized gas bbq, tied into 500 gallon propane system.

  • Substantial road/trail system on property for ATV use, horseback riding, hiking and more. for

  • Front Deck covered with vaulted roof.

  • Galley kitchen with dishwasher, refrigerator, commercial-griddle and oven/range.

  • Hardwood floors and carpeting.

  • Elk antler railing to second floor.

  • Five bedrooms on first floor with log beds.

  • Two bedrooms on second floor.

  • Sleeps seventeen with one person per bed.

  • Large entertainment area with pool-table and big-screen TV.

  • 2 bars.

  • 2 full bathrooms.

  • Laundry room with clothes-washer and dryer.

  • Stone fireplace.

  • Elk-antler chandelier.

  • OGM's  will not convey.

  • 2,450 sq ft lodge.


Bob Ramsay

Mobile: (585) 739-2104    Price:  $3,499,000

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